Innovation Accelerator

Innovation Accelerator

Monday 12th May

Innovators and entrepreneurs at the ready! The Innovation Accelerator will be your chance to pitch and discover the latest and greatest innovative companies, services, products and solutions on the market today!


Who can apply to participate?

For start-up solution providers, the innovation accelerator is a chance to pitch their services for free to a room full of LTE experts, potential customers and investors from across the globe.

If you have a service you’d like to pitch or know an organisation with an innovative solution struggling to get noticed then this is the perfect platform.

To be considered for this showcase, your company must be at least ONE of the following:

1. Younger than 3 years old

2. Fewer than 15 people

3. Funded by venture or angel capital

Judging Panel:


Asher Siddiqui
Vice President
Etisalat Group



Richard Windsor

Richard Windsor
Investor, Client Development
Radio Free Mobile



Khalid Abu Saada

Khalid Abu Saada




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